Terms & Conditions





  1. Order confirmation
    Your order will be checked and processed as soon as it is
    received in our office. Some delays will occur over a weekend
    and bank holidays. We will check all your order details
    and contact you about payment. You will then receive a final
    e-mail confirmation from our office that your order is proceeding.
    Despatch is usually within 48 hours.We understand that by placing an order you are accepting
    the following terms and conditions.
    • Cards accepted include: Visa, Mastercard, American
    • We are also able to accept Prepayment by cheque
      or bank transfer against Proforma Invoice
    • Strictly 30 Day Accounts may be opened for
      any regular customer by special arrangement with at
      least two References from current Suppliers to your
      organisation.To apply for an account email: fesi@fesi.org.uk.
      Order payment
      We have made every effort to present our service in the
      most understandable way to allow for easy choice and ordering.
      Your order will not be released for delivery until payment
      has been processed.
  2. Prices
    There is no VAT or other tax to be added to the book price.
    The postage price is given beside the book price and added
    when an order is made.
  3. Customer Details
    Your customer details will not be passed on to any other
    party at any other time. We may however like to contact
    you, to keep you informed of new developments within our
    own service, new products and ideas. If you really do not
    want this service please contact us now or in the future
    on: fesi@fesi.org.uk.On receipt of your request your name will be
    withdrawn from our marketing list.
  4. Security
    As we do not take payment details online you may rest assured
    that all information will be completely secure. All information
    is recorded in our offices and kept under a high level of
    security. We will not allow any other party access to your
    information at any point in time.
  5. Discounts
    Register with us and get 20% discount on books plus
    get on mailing list/s for news of publications in your area(s)
    of interest.


  1. Delivery Despatch will be within 48 hours of recieving your order
    subject to shipping regulations.
  2. Special Delivery
    Contact us for Special Delivery requirements, fesi@fesi.org.uk.
  3. Working Days Working days are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
    and Friday. These days are also the main delivery days within
    a scheme of working as outlined below. Please note that
    we can only outline our intentions to provide a reasonably
    accurate delivery service. We are however in the hands of
    our preferred carrier or delivery service provider. Every
    effort is always made to be as efficient as possible. We
    have very few problems.
  4. Delivery Address
    We offer a professional delivery service. To achieve our
    greatest efficiency we require full and concise addressing
    details. It is most important for every order to contain
    the formal name of the recipient with title, plus the fullest,
    normal address details. THE MOST IMPORTANT DETAIL IS
    . We will also require a telephone
    number for the recipient.If the recipient is staying with another person who actually
    lives at that address, we require the full name of the person
    who lives there. We would address as Mr Andrew Smith,
    c/o Mrs Sally Jones.Provided full address details are supplied, as requested,
    all deliveries should be made very precisely. We cannot
    be responsible for problems, which occur as a result of
    incorrect or invalid information given.


  1. Damaged goods
    In the unlikely events of goods being received, which appear
    obviously, damaged in transit  If this situation does
    occur please contact us immediately at fesi@fesi.org.uk.
  2. Complaints Procedures
    We pride ourselves on receiving a minimal level of complaints
    in relation to the high volume of orders we handle. It is
    very important to us to offer a full and integrated service.
    This, today, involves a strong and determined effort to
    deal with any complaints as soon as possible. It is understood that,
    as our service works on a working day, delivery principle, see previous
    explanation, we may have some delays in resolving certain problems.
    These would depend upon the time of day when the problem is being investigated.It is most important that any problem that occurs with any
    order placed through this service is reported to us by emailing:
    fesi@fesi.org.uk, at the very earliest opportunity to allow our customer
    services team to respond as fast as possible.When you contact us please state the following:

    • Your order number.
    • Your name as it appears on your order.
    • Delivery date.
    • A brief outline of the problem.
    • A viable suggestion, as to how we can help you, to
      put the problem right.

    Our customer services advisor will give every attention
    to any problems with your order and contact you by return,
    as soon as the relevant information is at hand. We can sometimes
    experience delays, whilst waiting for information from our
    delivery service.

    It is very important to state that every customer services
    enquiry we receive concerning any delivery made will receive
    our fullest attention and be resolved with our mutual agreement.