The 4th EDF Energy Nuclear Graphite Symposium – Engineering Challenges Associated with the Life of Graphite Reactor Cores


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Selected Papers from the 4th EdF Energy Generation Ltd. Nuclear Graphite Conference May 6th–9th 2014, The National College, Nottingham, UK

Edited by: P.E.J. Flewitt and A.J. Wickham

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Selected Papers from the 4th EdF Energy Generation Ltd. Nuclear Graphite Conference May 6th–9th 2014, The National College, Nottingham, UK
Edited by: P.E.J. Flewitt and A.J. Wickham


1. Foreword – J. Reed, Head of AGR Graphite Core Safety Case and Lifetime, EdF Energy
2. Preface & Acknowledgements – P.E.J. Flewitt, Conference Chairman, and A.J. Wickham, Conference Manager
3. Forward Strategy for Managing AGR Core Lifetime – J. Reed, EdF Energy

4. EdF Energy Creep Programme: Project ACCENT – M. Davies, MARAD, J. Reed, EdF Energy and M. Brooking, Atkins
5. Materials Test Reactor Programme for the Investigation of Graphite Irradiation Creep – T. van Staveren, A. Vreeling, A. de Koning, NRG Petten, and M. Davies, MARAD
6. Predictions of Average Weight Loss for the Active Core of Dungeness B – A.D. Moore, Frazer-Nash Consultancy, M.R. Bradford,
EdF Energy and P.C. Matthews, EdF Energy
7. Measurement and Modelling of Void Structure and Diffusion Processes within Gilsocarbon Graphite – G.M. Laudone, C.M. Gribble, G. P.Matthews and K.L. Jones, The University of Plymouth
8. Shaking Table Experiment for Graphite Core Lifetime Extension – T. Horgan and E. Webster, Atkins
9. Future Methodologies for Seismic Assessment of AGR Graphite Cores – S. Brasier, S. Dey and R. Kumar, Atkins
10. Multi-Layer Array Rig Work for Seismic Behaviour with Cracked Bricks – L. Dihoru, O. Oddbjornsson, T. Horseman, M. Dietz, J. Wilson, P. Kloukinas, E. Voyagaki, A. J. Crewe and C. A. Taylor, The University of Bristol
11. Extension and Validation of the LEWIS Method for Channel Functionality Assessment – R. Crawford, AMEC Foster Wheeler

Engineering Models
12. The Benefits of Core Modelling in Underwriting Safe Reactor Operation – T. Bush, AMEC Foster Wheeler
13. Statistical Analysis of AGR Graphite Core Reactor – Coupling Between a Statistical Analysis Tool (OPENTURNS) and a Nonlinear
Dynamics Model (GCOEUR) – M. Berot and L. Pellet, EdF
14. Studies of the Material Properties of Nuclear Graphite Using the Random Finite Element Method – J. D. Arregui-Mena, L. Margetts, L. Lever, G.N Hall, P.M. Mummery, The University of Manchester, and D.V. Griffiths, The Colorado School of Mines
15. Statistical Modelling of the Evolution of Graphite Properties and Reactor Cores – P.C. Robinson, J.F. Burrow and P.R. Maul, Quintessa
16. On the Impact of Fast Neutrons on the Macroscopic Structure of Polycrystalline Graphite – G. Haag, Nuclear Technology Consultancy, Linnich, Germany
17. Ongoing Development of Models to Predict AGR Core Component Condition – M. Joyce, Frazer-Nash Consultancy, B. Davies and M.R. Bradford, EdF Energy
18. A Micromechanistic Crystal Plasticity Model for Graphite – P. Yan and L. Delannay, Universite Catholique du Louvain, J.F.B. Payne and A. Tzelepi, National Nuclear Laboratory
19. Modelling Single Axially-Cracked Bricks in the AGR Graphite Core: Model Development, Integrity Analysis, and Safety Implications – H. Teng*, I.J. Slater and C.J. Jones, AMRC Foster Wheeler, N. McLachlan and J. Wright, EdF Energy
20. Towards a Notch-Sensitivity Strength Test for Irradiated Nuclear Graphite Structural Integrity – T.J. Marrow, M.S.L. Jordan and Y. Vertyagina, The University of Oxford
21. An Overview of Cohesive Damage Models for Simulating Crack Growth Energy of Nuclear
Graphite – S.T. Kyaw, A.A. Becker and W. Sun, The University of Nottingham
22. Modelling Crack Propagation in Irradiated Graphite – P. Martinuzzi, L. Pellet and D. Geoffroy, EdF Energy
23. Validation of Novel Finite Element Methods for Crack Propagation Studies in AGR Graphite Fuel Bricks – O. Booler, AMEC Foster Wheeler and L. Kaczmarczyk, The University of Glasgow
24. Measurement of Crack Front Profiles in Graphite and Comparisons with Novel Finite Element Predictions – P. Birkett, O. Booler, P. Hutchinson, AMEC Foster Wheeler, and L. Kaczmarczyk, The University of Glasgow

Inspection and Monitoring
25. Reactor Inspection and Monitoring and its Role in the Reactor Safety Case – M.R. Bradford, EdF Energy
26. Application of Optical Microscopy to Study Changes in Graphite Microstructure – M.P. Metcalfe and A. Tzelepi, National Nuclear Laboratory
27. Investigating the Effects of Stress on the Material Properties of Graphite Moderators using Confocal Laser Microscopy – J.E.L. Taylor, G.N. Hall and P.M. Mummery, The University of Manchester
28. Automated Image Stitching for Inspection of Fuel Channels in AGR Reactor Cores – P. Murray, G. West, S. Marshall, S.McArthur, The University of Strathclyde, and C. Lynch, EdF Energy
29. Non-Destructive Testing of AGR Graphite Cores – A.D. Fletcher, A.J. Peyton, D. Armitage, University of Manchester, M. Brown, EdF Energy and R. Chapman, NDT Consultant, Gloucester
30. Development of New Techniques for AGR Graphite Post-Irradiation Examination – A. Tzelepi and P. Ramsay, National Nuclear Laboratory
31. Challenges Associated with Measuring the Mechanical Properties of Reactor Core Graphites for Input to Durability Models – D. Liu, P. Heard, P.E.J. Flewitt and D.J. Smith, The University of Bristol
32. Eddy Current Technique Development – Inspection Results from AGR Graphite Reactor Cores – M. Brown and J. D. Williams, EdF Energy, T. Bloodworth, Bloodworth Consulting, Wigan and M. Anderson, James Fisher Nuclear Ltd, Malton, Yorks
33. Measuring the Poisson’s Ratio of AGR Graphite using the Time of Flight Method and Investigating Related Size Effects – S. Wilkinson and A. Tzelepi, National Nuclear Laboratory

Discussion Sessions
34. Aligning the Modelling and Statistics with the Science  -M.R. Bradford
35. Microstructural Modelling and Examination – T.J. Marrow, University of Oxford, and P.E.J. Flewitt,
University of Bristol
36. Relating Experiments to Core Modelling – N. McLachlan, EdF Energy
37. The Best Use of Reactor Sampling and
Inspection – J. Smith, EdF Energy