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Papers presented at the 14th International Conference on Engineering Structural Integrity Assessment and the 2017 International Symposium on Structural Integrity held on 16th and 17th May 2017 in Manchester, UK.

Edited by B Tomkins and S.-T. Tu.

Foreword by Peter E. J. Flewitt.

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ESIA14 Supplement Papers presented by Dr Katsumasa Miyazaki, Senior Chief Researcher at Hitachi, Ltd., Tokyo, during the 14th International Conference on Engineering Structural Integrity Assessment and the 2017 International Symposium on Structural Integrity.

The Treatment of Bending Stress Due to Internal Pressure at Nozzle Crotch Corner of Pressure Vessel for Defect Tolerance Assessment.
By K. Miyazaki, F. Iwamatsu, F. Hirokawa, and M. Masuda

The Evaluation of Remaining Strength for T-Joint Piping with Fully Circumferential Local Wall Thinning Subjected to Internal Pressure.
By K. Miyazaki and T. Takayanag

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Peter Flewitt

Part 1.
Keynotes Summary
Developments in 2D and 3D Weight Function Methods. — By Xueren Wu
A Unified Approach for Creep–Fatigue Life Prediction. — By Xiancheng Zhang, Shantung Tu, Runzi Wang, and Fuzhen Xuan
Numerical Simulation of Battelle Piping System Test Under Cyclic Loading. — By Hyunsuk Nam, Hohwan Ryu, Gyoguen Yoon, Jongmin Lee, and Yunjae Kim
Structural Integrity Issues Associated with Polymeric Matrix Fibre Composites and Adhesive Joints Under Cyclic Fatigue Loadings. — By Anthony J. Kinloch, Rhys Jones, Wenchen Hu, and Ding Peng

Part 2.
Integrity Assessment : Welds and Residual Stresses
Optimal Design of Coke Drum Skirt Slots for Thermomechanical Cyclic Loading. — By Zihui Xia and Edward Wang
Integrity Assessment of Pressurised Pipe Subjected to Reversed Bending. — By Xiaohui Chen, Haofeng Chen, Xuancheng Zhu, Xingang Wang, Huawei Zhang, and Dongxiao Hou
Finite Element Analysis of a Metal-to-Metal Contact Flange Joint Subjected to External Bending Moment and Thermal Loading. — By Guangkai Xiao, Lanzhu Zhang, Renliang Cai, and Shaoping Zhou
An Analysis of Low-Cycle Fatigue and Creep–Fatigue Behaviour of P92 Steel-Welded Joints. — By Xiaowei Wang, Weizhang, Jianming Gong, and Xinhuang

Part 3.
Integrity Assessment : Structural Integrity Evaluation
A Colour Change Inspection Method to Investigate Surface Damage and Fatigue Crack Initiation on Type 304 Stainless Steel. — By Jie Zhao, Congqian Cheng, Xinyue Liu, and Yan Hou
Failure Analysis of a Large Oil Storage Tank on the Effect of Thermomechanical Coupling. — By Yun Li, Jinzhu Tan, and Xiang Shen
A Study on the Ratchet Limit of Welded Pipe. — By Manu Puliyaneth, Daniele Barbera, and Haofeng Chen
A Study on the Design Method of an Orthotropic Conical Shell Structure Under External Pressure. — By Jiaqui Hu, Xiaohua He, and Changyu Zhou
Extending the Life of an Evaporator Vessel Through Testing, Inspection, Modelling, and Analysis. — By Pat Liddicott, Zoë Dennison Drake, and Jennifer Robinson
Simulating Fatigue Crack Growth in a Turbine Disc. — By Yushen Zou, Menglong Fan, Haijun Xuan, Xiaojun Guo, and Xiaoming Shan
Delamination Detection and Growth Assessment in Composite Laminated Beams Using a Data-Driven Vibration Structural Health Monitoring Methodology . — By David García, Irina Trendafilova, and Daniel J. Inman
An Investigation of Easy-Damage Structural Positions in Extra-High Voltage Transformers by Numerical and Experimental Methods. — By Fupeng Li, Weiqiang Wang, Aiju Li, Shang Wang, and Zhenyuan Yang
An Evaluation Method of Structural Seismic Integrity Under Multilevel Seismic Actions. — By Wenfeng Liu, Hongmei Hou, Qian Mu, and Dehu Yu
An Experimental Study on the Effect of Collision Damages of Tubular Members on Its Ultimate Strength Under Axial Compression. — By Ling Zhu, Han Yang, Jielong Kong, Qingyang Liu, and Bin Wang
Visualisation of Crack Propagation in Components Based on the Quantum Dot–Epoxy Resin Composite. — By Shaofu Zhang, Zihao Yao, and Weiling Luan

Part 4.
Integrity Assessment : Methods Development
Creep Damage Analysis for 20Cr·32Ni·Nb Hot Outlet Collector in a CO Reformer Furnace. — By Xinyu Yang, Jianming Gong, Xiaofeng Guo, and Luyang Geng
In Situ Observation and Numerical Modelling of Crack-Inclusion Interaction Behaviour Under Cyclic Loading. — By Deqiang Wang, Mingliang Zhu, Fuzhen Xuan, and Shantung Tu

Part 5.
Materials Technology : Degradation and Ageing
Tearing-Creep Interaction Simulation Using Strain-Rate-Dependent Multiaxial Ductility Model. — By Youngryun Oh, Yunjae Kim, Catrin M Davies, and Kamran Nikbin
Environmentally Assisted Fatigue of Stainless Steels in High-Temperature Water Environments. — By Wenzhong Zhang, James Meldrum, Norman Platts, David Tice, Alec McLennan, P. Onwuarolu, Phil Brown, Keith Rigby, Kevin Mottershead, and John Stairmand
Crack Growth Behaviour of P92 Welded Joint at Elevated Temperature Under Creep–Fatigue Conditions. — By Jian Li, Yi Liu, Guodong Zhang, Xiaohua He, and Changyu Zhou
The Effects of Carburisation on the Creep Behaviour of Cr35·Ni45·Nb Heat-Resistant Austenitic Steel. — By Luowei Cao, Run Li, Zhiyuan Han, and Guoshan Xie
An Investigation of Accumulated Collision Damages on Ship Plates. — By Junying Gao, Ling Zhu, Wei Cai, and Shiyun Shi
The Importance of Stress-Dependent Creep to Model Stress Relaxation for Martensitic P92 Steel at 650 degrees C. — By Saber Khayatzadeh, Peter E. J. Flewitt, and David J. Smith
Creep Behaviour of Metastable Type 304 Stainless Steel Under Cryogenic Temperature. — By Qiongqi Wang and Shandong Tu
Creep Rupture Properties Evaluation by Small Punch Beam Tests. — By Fakun Zhuang, Shantung Tu, Guoyan Zhou, and Jin Shi

Part 6.
Materials Technology : Materials Modelling
The Effect of Thermal Ageing on the Impact Properties of 16MnD5 Forgings for Nuclear Reactor Pressure Vessels. — By Ruisi Xing, Dunji Yu, and Xu Chen
Improving the Mechanical Properties of Stainless Steel Through Harmonic Structure Design. — By Zhe Zhang, Dunji Yu, Hong Gao, Gang Chen, Xu Chen, and Kei Ameyama
The Effect of Microstructural Evolution on the Mechanical Properties of A508-3 Steel Before and After Phase Transition. — By Chuanyang Lu, Zengliang Gao, Yanming He, Jianguo Yang, Weiya Jin, and Zhigang Xie
A 3D Intergranular Mechanical Behaviour Study in a Blade Groove-Like Component Using the Cohesive Zone Model. — By Nailong Zhao, Weizhe Wang, and Yingzheng Liu
Finite Element Modelling of Hydrogen Distribution Based on Eddy Current Testing. — By H.-T. Zhou, H.-L. Pan, J-J. Chen, and Q.-M. Wang
Analysis of Crack Growth Behaviour in P92 Steel Under Creep–Fatigue Conditions Using Numerical Simulations. — By Lei Zhao, Lianyong Xu, Hongyang Jing, and Yongdian Han

Part 7.
Materials Technology : Materials Behaviour
Structural Integrity of Grade 91 Steel Components Under Creep–Fatigue Loading Conditions. — By Nazrul Islam and Tasnim Hassan
The Effect of Heat Treatment on the Fatigue Properties of Surface Nano-Crystallised Commercially Pure Zirconium. — By Conghui Zhang, Fengbo Li , and Yaomian Wang
Influencing Factors and Control Measurements in Production Processes for Engineering Structural Integrity. — By Huatang Yao
Localisation and Assessment of Plastic Deformation by Non-Collinear Wave Mixing in AL7075-T6. — By Maoxun Sun, Yanxun Xiang, Fuzhen Xuan, Mingxi Deng, and Jichao Xu

Part 8.
Materials Technology : Materials Damage Mechanism
Optimisation Design for a Resin-Based Composite Fan Blade. — By Xi Liu, Dianyin Hu, Qian Yang, and Rongqiao Wang
Measurement of Creep Crack Growth Rate Based on Small Specimen Testing Technique. — By K. Zhang, Jianping Tan, Q. Ma, and Shantung Tu
An Analysis of Parameter Effects on Steel Sheet Fracture During the Cold Rolling Process. — By D.-Q. Zan
J.-J. Chen, H.-L. Pan, and Z.-D. Wang,.A Study on the Mechanical Properties of Silicone Rubber Gaskets in PEM Fuel Cell Environments — By Guo Li, Jianming Gong, Jinzhu Tan, Dasheng Zhu, and Wenhua Jia

Part 9.
Addendum : Papers from ESIA13
An Analysis of the Fatigue Properties of Welded Titanium Alloy Pipe. — By Dongjie Li, Ying Liu, and Xiaohong Li
The Microstructure and Breaking Behaviour of the Linear Friction Welding Joint for TA15 Titanium Alloy. — By Ying Liu, Chuanchen Zhang, and Tiancang Zhang­