ESIA11: Design, Fabrication, Operation and Disposal


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Full proceedings from the 11th International Conference on Engineering Structural Integrity Assessment. Organised by FESI (UK Forum for Engineering Structural Integrity) and held at The Manchester Conference Centre, Manchester, UK. Features 37 papers covering: Structural Integrity Monitoring; Failure Analysis; Weld Simulation; Environmental Effects; and High Temperature Components, and features a Plenary Introduction by J. F. Knott and Keynote addresses on Manufacturing for the Nuclear Industry (A. Sherry, S. Court and K. Ridgway), Impact of Environment on the Structural Integrity of Steam Turbines (A. Turnbull) and Fatigue Behaviour of High Temperature Alloys (S. J. Wu). Editors: P E J Flewitt, P F Heyes, J Sharples, B Tomkins.
ISBN 0 9552994 7 0, 452 pages.

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Plenary Introduction – Ensuring Integrity Throughout Life
J. F. Knott

Structural Integrity monitoring

Structural Integrity Monitoring of High Temperature Components
S-T. Tu

The Value of Surveillance Schemes for Supporting Continued Safe Operation of Nuclear power plant
P. E. J. Flewitt

Health monitoring of offshore wind farms
G. Y. Tian

Acoustic source localisation using wireless sensor network at low sampling frequency for SIM
O. Bouzid

Assessment of Turbine blade defects using guided waves
K. Burnham

Real-time structure monitoring using fibre-optic technologies – the MONICO EC Project

Failure Analysis

Assessment of Strength and Fracture of Pipeline Steel
A. Ziliukas

The Point Pleasant Bridge Failure
K. Wallin

Determination of material cleavage fracture toughness curves from measurements of fracture of miniature three point bend

D. Beardsmore
A Monte Carlo simulation of the effects of warm pre-stressing

K. Rosahl
Effects of loading Rate on Low-Cycle Fatigue Properties of 30Cr1Mo1V Rotor Steel


Structural integrity prediction of turbine disk on a critical zone concept basis
V. Shlyannikov

Failure analysis of a pipe T-branch and the improved design and manufacture of the pipe line
Z. Gao,

Effects of clamping force and specimen design on the response of small punch creep test specimens
R. Li,

Characteristics of J-Integral and COD Values of Transverse Crack during Cold Rolling Process

H. L. Pan.

X-ray analysis on dislocations and storage energy density of deformation NiTi films

Y. Li,

Weld Simulation

Invited – Structural Integrity assessment of Friction welded dissimilar metal joint
X. Li,

Welding and distortion measurement of bead-on-plate and T-joint keyhole plasma arc welds of thin titanium alloy sheets

L Xu,

Elastic follow-up and residual stress relaxation over different length scales
G. Horne,

Introductory Keynotes

Nuclear Manufacturing
A. Sherry,

Impact of the Environment on the Structural Integrity of Steam Turbines
A. Turnbull,

Fatigue behaviour of High Temperature Alloys
S. J. Wu,

Environmental Effects

Corrosion pi

ts to cracks: new insights into the evolution of failure
B. Connelly,
A lower bound “first estimate” of the plastic collapse pressure of pressure vessels subject to extensive corrosion wall thinning in the lower regions
C. Madew,

Fatigue Performance of Ti06A1-4V for Last-Stage Turbine Blade in Simulated Service Environments
Y-J. Li,

Sensitivity of stress corrosion cracking of stainless steel to surface machining and grinding procedure
D. Tice, K. Mottershead,

Quasi-brittle material modelling
A. Hodgkins

High Temperature Components

Creep/fatigue life assessment of detuning strap/re-heater tube welds in boiler
D. Knowles,

Constitutive model development of P91 steel and its simulation in TMF conditions

A. A. Saad,

Comparison Analysis Design of Allowable Stress of Creep Rupture Strength Based on Reliability method
C-H. Liu,

The influence of cold pre-compression on high temperature deformation and fracture behaviour of 316H stainless steel
A. N. Mehmanparast,

The reliability of degrading structural systems operating at high temperature: The importance of managing uncertainty

M. Chevalier,

Application of Focussed Ion Beam Milling and imaging for Studying Creep Fatigue
B. Chen,

Investigation on the Creep Crack-tip Constraint Induced by Specimen Geometry and Loading Configuration
G. Z. Wang,

Effects of multi-axial stress state and microstructure on Creep properties of austenitic stainless steel

B. Chen,

Factors that influence the measurement of residual stresses in thermal barrier coated turbine blades
D. Liu, Bristol University