ESIA10 present goals – future challenges


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Full proceedings of the 10th International conference on Engineering Structural Integrity Assessment held in Manchester, 19 – 20 May 2009. The continued safe and reliable operation of structures and components across industry sectors offers considerable economic advantages to manufacturers, operators and society at large. For example, integrity and reliability issues arise during service and require effective maintenance action, whilst, as plant approaches the normal design life, intelligent management of life extension can yield considerable commercial benefit. In addition, the design, manufacture and operation of new plant should incorporate the lessons learned on engineering integrity and apply the new techniques and methodologies developed. Editors: P.E.J. Flewitt, P.F. Heyes, A. Holt, J.F. Knott, B. Daniels, I. Le May, H. Pisarski, J.K. Sharples, A. Sherry, B. Tomkins, K. Wright, J. Yates;
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Setting the Scene

Keynote Paper – Present Goals
J F Knott

Keynote Paper – Future Challenges
A Sherry

Keynote Paper – HSE’s Generic Design Assessment of New Nuclear Reactors
A Cadman


Keynote Paper – Life management
P Horrocks

Risk Informed In-service Inspection – Progress in the European Nuclear Industry

Reliability and Lifetime Analysis for a Cracked Cylinder of Giant Ammonia Unit Compressor

Optimisation of Resources for Managing Competing Risks


Keynote Paper – Microstructural Modelling of the DBTT in Ferritic Steels for Fusion Blanket Structures

Invited Paper – Overview of Achievements of Recent European Projects in the Area of Fracture Analysis

Fitness-for-Service Assessment Using the European FITNET Procedure

Energy Based Failure Evaluation of Isothermal and Non-isothermal Mechanical Fatigue Tests

The Measurement of Stresses of Oxides Grown in a RT22 Coated Super Alloy
g hillson, p e j flewitt

Analysis Techniques for the Design of ITER and Future Fission Reactor Systems
P sherlock

Unified Measure of Constraint
m mostafavi
The Influence of Compressive Plastic Pre-strain on the Creep Deformation and Damage Behaviour of 316H Stainless Steel
c davies

Development of Duplex CT Fracture Toughness Specimen to Investigate Crack Behaviour in Heterogenous Materials
b daniels

Keynote Paper – Process Modelling of Welding and residual Stress Simulation

Keynote Paper – Material Modelling to Predict Life of Components

Keynote Paper – New Developments in Modelling Related to Durability Challenges for Aerospace Structures
M aliabadi

Invited Paper – Fatigue Life Evaluation
j yates

Invited Paper – The Life Cycle of Nuclear Graphite in Generation IV High Temperature Reactors
b marsden

Effect of Dynamic Loading Rates on Cleavage Fracture Toughness Properties of Steels
r moskovic

Failure Analysis of Expansion Loops in a Hospital Pipeline System
R lacalle, s cicero

Determination of the Lack of Penetration Tolerance in Circumferential Butt Welds of Wind Towers
s cicero, r lacalle

Assessment Techniques Using R6
p frost

Virtual Design Validation of High Temperature Components – Automotive Engine Exhaust Manifold Case Study
b daniels

Dating of Fatigue Cracking Based on Oxide Analysis
r pascual

health monitoring and inspection
Keynote Paper – Statistical Analysis of the Safety Production Development in China
S J Wu

Managing the Integrity of Fixed Jacket Structures Beyond Original Design Life
d sanderson

Is Your Decision to Extend a Pressure Internal Examionation Interval Properly Justified?
p moore, j wintle

Are You an Intelligent Customer of NDE?
b mcgrath

A Full Scale Structural Health Monitoring Demonstrator
e barton

Condition Monitoring and Defect Detection of Engineering Structures Using In-plane Laser Shearography
l lobo

Development of Bridge Maintenance Decision Making Process Considering Existing Condition
q z khan

The ACLAIM Project – Structural Health Management for Composite Components and Structures
r lee